UR 824 Weird occasional clicking noise (not clipping)

Hey guys!

There is this weird “clicking” noise that happens from time to time especially when recording higher notes.
Definitely not a clip issue as the input levels are healthy (around 12 o’clock)
Happens on all the channels.

Strangely enough during the recording and direct monitoring everything is smooth and no clicking sound at all. But when listening to that same recording the clicking noise is very audible.

Does anyone else have this issue with the UR284?
Example of the audio recording here - https://soundcloud.com/michaelrichtermusic/flute-clicking-noise

Really hope to find an answer here…

Best regards

What makes you think it is the UR-824?
What kind of microphone do you use?

At what time position exactly in the audio file is the clicking? (link worked for me)

@5 seconds, it’s a rapid series of pulses.
I don’t recognize the clicks though…