UR driver crashes Win10

Recently I moved my UR22 to other laptop which is HP 745 G3, previous one also HP worked perfectly. Problem is that now Windows disconnects and connects back the UR several times during the day, like plugging cable in and out, mouse pointer and typing is frozen few secs that time, the worst scenario is an endless loop of disconnecting/connecting which ultimately crashes Windows. I checked many cables and USB ports (directly, through port replicator or hub), driver is updated, Windows updated, don’t know what else… Any clues pls?

Was the other PC that worked perfectly, also Windows 10? Could the USB port be going to “sleep”? Or is this happening throughout the day while you have been using it? I can say that if the computer is going to sleep, that could cause problems. Many device drivers don’t recover well from the Windows sleep function. Other than that, since a great many users are using UR interfaces with Windows 10, there must me a system specific issue. I would try unplugging all other devices and troubleshoot from there. Also look for apps that run all the time in the background. Many apps have applets that load at start and run continuously to check for updates. Printer drivers and Adobe Acrobat are examples. Usually, you can turn these functions off.

Thanks. Yes, the other is also Win10 but Intel, this one is AMD (does it matter?) It happens along normal usage of the PC during the day. I put it to sleep for the night and after some time it hibernates, the previous stayed asleep, but it’s the driver to handle these things right? Re autoupdates, I don’t like this behavior preferring manual check, so I basically remove all the memory resident parts of software unless I really need them but thanks for the suggestion, I’ll dig a bit more, maybe there is still something hiding. And I’ll play again with clean config, sleep, hibernate, replugging the cable etc. I’ll let you know.

The Intel vs. AMD may not matter but it is possible (they are different processors, not just different manufacturers). Windows and the drivers are written to work with both but not everything is always perfect. I have seen products before that specifically require Intel but that tends to be related to a specific instruction set or feature of the Intel that the product is using. The UR specs say AMD is supported.
Personally, I would try turning off sleep and hibernate and always shutting down when you are going to be away for a while (an hour or more?) and see if that helps.
Startups are pretty fast these days and it’s a common “best practice” for fine tuned systems.