UR Driver issue on Mac

There is a issue with Steinberg Yamaha driver for UR interfaces on Macbook Pro 2016,2017. When you unplug the audio interface the driver hangs and the touchbar goes black also system doesn’t want to reboot properly it hangs after few minutes so force restart via button is required. Only happens if you start using the interface then unplug the usb even if Daw is not running. Tried on UR22 and 44 happens with both seems like a general driver issue. yes I did download the latest one from the website. Thanks.

the solution for my ur22 mk2 because its class compliant.
i had problems with the yamaha steinberg usb driver as well. very short loud clicks, every 30 seconds, in every recoring, at any setting, with any yamaha/steinberg driver an different daw´s and even some dropouts.
at first use the newest firmware. that was helpfull for most of my dropout problems.
if you don´t need the playback/ loopbackfunction or what it´s called, (i dont know whats about this dsp stuff, if you need the usb driver for this function), you don´t need the yamaha steinberg usb driver at all. a least for the ur22 mkII
since i uninstalled the yamaha/steinberg driver, (after spending lots and lost and lots… of time and nerves and testing out every driver and everything and a helpless steiberg-support) and since i run my interface with the native apple audio core driver, wich is part of the osx and don´t needed to be installed at all, i had no problems anymore.
the only thing i had to change, i did a manually correction of the latency-correction in my daws for a perfect result. unfortunally there is no way to do so in garageband. but the sync is good enough anyways.a delay of 2ms and a few samples in my case with my ancient 2008 imac.
i know, this post is not new, but maybe it can help somebody struggeling with the usb drivers.
greeting to all
:exclamation: oh yes, to uninstall the yamaha/steinberg driver. you´ll find the uninstaller as a part of it, in the installer of the used yamaha/steinberg usb-driver. start the yamaha/steinberg usb driver installation and there you´ll find the option to uninstall the driver! a restart of your mac is necessary.

I have no issue with the performance whatsoever … no clicks or drop outs … driver works well … but quite often I need to unplug the interface move the laptop etc and then it disables the touch bar. Seems to be a new MacBook Pro Yamaha compatibility issue … I’ve seen few threads on the internet about the same issue. Just the updated Yamaha driver needs to take into account the touchbar usbC requirements so that interface can be safely removed. Let’s hope they fix it.