UR Not Detected on OSX10.11

So I’m having trouble getting my system to recognize my UR22mkII.

I installed the drivers ok, but the firmware installer fails with

“Error: UR is not detected.
Please check the connection and reboot this software.”

Meanwhile in the system profiler report, the UR22 shows up ok. Trouble is it shows up even after I unplug it and refresh the USB system report! That’s odd.

When I plug it in again and refresh the report, then I get another empty hub slot in the USB report. Odd.
garage band inputs.jpg
this one.jpg

Easy fix. Just ran the driver installer a couple more times and let it reboot. I think there was a Firefox hang that prevented the driver installer from properly controlling the reboot and finalizing the installation.

i have the same fucking problem, but with the ur824 and the solution of “flickh” doesnt work for me. please any advice will be appreciated.

error ur is not detected. please check the connection and reboot this software.
what i need to do?

same problem win10

Same problem with Win 10 over here.

Everything works, is on USB3 port, but no detection for the update