UR-RT2 Microphone not working on Skype, device got kidnapped by screen recording software

G’day everyone,

I am a total novice in music production and after days of research, I finally decided to get a UR-RT2 as my first audio interface. Just bought it from a local store here in Brisbane and I’m generally very happy about the build and sound quality.

Run it on Windows 10. I installed the latest driver from this page (current version is 1.10.4):

The driver gave me a little trouble but it’s all good now. I can play music and record my voice via a microphone. It also works with my DAW Reaper well too. So far so good.

But I got issues with two programs now. Have checked all the software settings and connections but no luck.

(1) Skype can’t found my microphone so I can’t have a voice meeting now.

(The speakers works well though) Both the mic and speakers are assigned to “Line (Steinberg UR-RT2)” so not sure what else I can do…

(2) I use a free screen video recording software called FlashBack Express Recorder to make some video tutorials. I noticed two issues here:

1.The two XLR front mic inputs (input 1 & Input 2) work well with the software. But the Line in on the back of UR-RT2 can’t deliver any sound to the software. What I tried here is a ZOOM H2 external recorder as a microphone. It has the pre-amp inside so I just need to use the “Line out” to link to the “Line in” on UR-RT2. This setup works very well with Reaper but not with the FlashBack Express Recorder.

2.When this screen recording software is on, if I launch Reaper it can’t load the UR-RT2 anymore. Instead this window shows up:

So the only way to keep Reaper working with UR-RT2 is to close the FlashBack Express Recorder. Then everything goes back to normal as usual. But in this way I can’t use them at the same time so in anyway I can’t record both the screen video and the audio… :open_mouth:

Any UR-RT2 user knows any solution to these two small glitches? :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

May the music be with you.