UR-RT2 Missing Yamaha Plugins in Mix Console

Cubase 10 / Windows 10 / UR-RT2

When running the standalone dspMixFx UR-RT2 I have access to run the Yamaha channel strip and also all the GAClassics Plugins.

In Cubase 10 for some reason, only the channel strip is available in the hardware section of the mix console (no GAClassics). Also, the GA classics ARE available as a track fx plugin.

Anyone else have this issue and how did you fix it? Tech support sent me a new authorization and it worked once, but now it is back to not working at all and tech support tried, but was left scrathing their heads.

Hi and welcome,

In Cubase you can use the GAClassics as a common plug-in. This is the way, how does it work (and it also gives you all flexibility).