UR-RT2 or UR22C: what is better for Cubase and Cubasis?

Hey guys!

I’m going to buy a new soundcard and I think that UR22C or UR-RT2 will be a good choice, but it’s hard to choose between two :unamused:

I hope that these Steinberg cards will work great with my Cubase Pro 10 and Cubasis 2. But I have two questions:

1/ Which card (UR22C or UR-RT2) will give more additional abilities in my work with Cubase? :bulb:

2/ Which card (UR22C or UR-RT2) connects better with iPad Pro (2nd gen, lightning cable) and Cubasis on it?

Please let me know if someone knows the answer - practically or teoretically!

With best wishes, Z :ugeek: