UR-RT2 will it drive 250 ohm headphones?

So i consider buying Beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro (250 ohm impedance) and an audio interface. But i really don’t know very much about DACs and amps and ohms etc. But I was told that audio interfaces like ur22 will not be able to feed 250 ohm headphones so i should buy an amp for that. I understand that but again, some others sad that i don’t need to spend that money to an amp.

But the long story short, can the UR RT2 feed my 250 ohm headphones without distorting the sound? ? (they sad if it cannot feed very wel, cranking up the gain knob will distort the sound) Did Steinberg improved the headphone output levels?

As you can see i am far from being an Audiophile. So every help, every bit of information and suggestion is appricated.


I have the same question!

Me too for UR-RT4,which i intend to buy.(40 ohms).