UR RT4 input monitoring problem, routing, with Cubase 10

I have two problems with the UR RT4 that I just bought.

I want to rout an input straight back out to a specific pair of outputs so I can have DAW playback through out 3-4, and microphone moitoring through output 1-2. There seems to be no way to do this. Am I missing something? Input monitoring comes through all outputs.

When I start Cubase 10, all direct ASIO monitoring stops. The only way to hear an input signal is to use the software monitoring in Cubase, which gives moitoring latency. I found somebody else who said that maybe Cubase is starting the dsp MixFX panel or something that interferes with direct monitoring so he uninstalled all the UR RT4 software and it works. I did that and it does work, but there are now no controls for the UR RT4 at all in Cubase. I still have no way to send a mic input directly to specific outputs.


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Can’t you turn on Direct monitoring in Cubase and use the control room to set up outputs?

I found out about the direct monitoring which eliminates latency. I don’t quite understand the control room. How do I route the input signal to different outputs with control room? I turned it on and it looks like I can only make the mic input signal pass through the same bus as the playback.

Here are a couple resources to get you going:



The control room does not seem to have the answer. There are no cue sends on the mic input channels so I still can’t route the input to a separate pair of outputs than the playback. I want to have control over the individual input levels that go to a separate output than the playback. This allows me to plug the different outputs from the UR RT into a separate mixer and use that mixer for monitoring through headphones and speakers.

Thanks in advance

The inputs need to be routed to audio tracks, (as the inputs of those tracks) and then it’s the audio tracks you route to wherever you need them to go.

Be aware you would still need to activate monitoring for those thracks, etc.

And here’s an example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQTNHj8XvCg