UR-RT4 playing DSP reverb out to speakers

Cubase Pro Windows 10
When I track, say a vocal, the reverb is coming out of MIX 1 which is connected to my speakers, even though I have my Mains switch off in the control room panel. Hardware setup is sending reverb to Output 2 (my headphones mix), which works, but it’s ALSO going out to the speakers. Weird. Any ideas?

I’m assuming that this shares some similarities with the UR44 (I gave mine away a couple of years ago so I’m working from memory) there is a (not obvious) trick to setting up hardware sends etc, in the Cubase mixer you have to make hardware slots viewable, an entry for the UR44 then appears which you edit to bring up certain monitor options. Even then it’s not obvious once you’re in there because some clickable/moveable elements don’t look like clickable/movable elements. :confused: Still, between the painful seting up and occasional driver/firmware issues - I loved my UR44.

Thanks, I’ll look again. Pretty sure it’s a bug. I mean have my monitors OFF in control room, reverb shouldn’t be sneaking around and coming out!