UR-RT4 with Outboard Gear Issue

Hi all

I am just purchased a UR-RT4 to replace my Axe FX 3 as a sound card. I have 2 pieces of outboard gear I use. On the Axe FX 3, I was able to route audio out to the rack gear and have that some in as an insert effect in Studio One.

However, with the RT4, When I connect the Input and Output to the outboard Compressor or EQ (I have tested these separately, all I receive are various Test style tones.

Anyone else had this issue?

Set up is Windows 10, UR-RT4, Klark Technic EQ & Compressor as an external effect.

Any suggestions would be great,


Not sure if this is related too, but if I turn my PC off, the powered monitors buzz really load. Never had this when my Pc was turned off.


I can just comment that when I want to use external FX I set up my UR-RT4 with output 3, then DI reamp box, external pedal and then any unused input and this works flawlessly.

Hi bud.

I think you are talking about reamping dry guitar signals though effects. I am not reamping, but adding the input/output for external routing

I tested a little last night, and what I have found is if I have input 6 and output 3 set to route out via any rack gear, after turning the knob on the front of the rack, I get random feedback/bassy sounds.

I have tried gain staging and using the -10/+4 to check I am not overcooking the input but no luck.

Tried it with multiple inputs, and multiple rack gear to the same effects.

I am going to install the Axe FX again and test.

I am loathed to say it’s the interface as these things tend to turn out to be user error, so I will confirm back after I have tested.

For the record, the speaker buzz stopped last night! I’ll see how that progresses today.

Seems getting rid of the Axe Fx to simplify things didn’t work out well lol



Yes, you are right: I am talking about using external pedals as inserts. But I thought it would be, at least conceptually, similar to that what are trying. At the moment I really can’t figure out what could be your issue.


Agreed, it is extremely similar to be fair, but having reamped guitars for nearly 20 years, I would say it’s a lot more complete reamping than simply routing out and in front rack gear, hence why I am puzzled.

With reamping there is a lot gain staging along with difference impedances to deal with. When it comes to rack gear it should be mostly plug and play.

I’ll test again tonight and I do appreciate your time bud so thank you

Enjoy your evening