UR series sound problem | signal lose | drop outs | issue solved

After months of searching for information about this problem I finally got a solution that works for me.
I have an UR22 mkII.
I use a laptop with windows 10 OS but had problem: when using my interface it lost signal for a few seconds and then fade in again, It happened randomly, or that was what I thought. I tried upgrading firmware and drivers, changing cables, setting up USB ports but nothing. One nice day I was recording some guitars then power went out and as my computer has battery supply I could continue working, then I noticed the problem was not occurring any more. Then when power reestablished i tried out connecting and disconnecting from power with the laptop adapter, and yes, when it was connected the problem happened, when it was disconnected it disappeared :smiley: .

You mean whenever you use power supplier then the problem happens, while the problem gone if use battery? Are you sure? My case is that this issue is randomly hence it maybe takes whole day to confirm something.
I noticed that every time I open youtube with some tabs or use certain audio related applications continuously, the problem will happen

Yes, it worked for me.

So it seems that the issue comes from electricity matter. I did use separate adapter for UR22 (I use desktop computer) but nothing changed. which build version of win 10 are you using?

I have Win 10 Home 1903. I did use adapter for UR22 but problem still happened if computer was connected. Only worked if my laptop was using its batery.

I have a similar issue on a UR44 mk2. My dropouts become less-frequent when I dial back my power settings (as your computer naturally will when running on battery), and when I run a CPU stress test alongside playback. Additionally, when I run higher sample rates and lower buffer sizes, the dropouts get less-frequent. It seems as soon as CPU usage drops, the audio thread gets throttled. Just as annoying as it is perplexing.

The control panel says “USB error, check manual for debugging” (to paraphrase), but the manual is as unhelpful as the dropouts. I’ve disabled all USB suspension/power saving modes, adjusted CPU states etc., so it’s not just that usual stuff where you have to tell Windows to stay out of your hair! It’s a colossal waste of resources to run 96-192KHz at as low a buffer as possible just to get audio playback that doesn’t drop out near-constantly, and months of searching has yielded no better solution.