UR Tools & Firmware

I asked this question a Loooong time ago, but never received a response:

If I update the UR824 Tools and Firmware, and do not like it, can I revert back to older Firmware & Tools without encountering Firmware/Hardware problems?

I was curious about using the Guitar Amp Modeling on a temporary basis. I have the older Firmware and Compatible Tools software installed in order to use the UR824 with Vista x64 and XP 32 bit, as well as Win 7 x64… Is the Amp modelling DSP chip based? Is it worth the effort, because I really don’t want to lose cross OS functionality. Could someone respond with experience down-grading the Firmware or someone officially from Steinberg please share your thoughts :question:


You cannot revert the Firmware on the UR824. The Firmware update is a permanent change. The latest Tools and Firmware are not supported for Vista or XP, so my best suggestion for use on those operating systems would be not to update.

Ok, thanks Chris. I’ll keep the old Firmware.

I really don’t understand why the firmware can’t be reverted to an older version, whereas, BIOS can be reflashed with an older version. What makes it impossible for the UR824?