UR12 and Fender Mustang I

Dear all,

Is the following configuration possible ?

Guitar --> Fender Mustang I
Fender Mustang I --> Computer USB

UR12 --> Sonar X1

In other words: Is it possible to send the guitar audio signal through the amp to the computer and then to get the audio output from the UR12 in the DAW without having direct cable connection of the amp or the guitar with the UR12 ?

If YES, do I need both ASIO Drivers (Fender & Steinberg) active ?

What should be the configuration of the DAW then (Audio Track Input and Output)

I don’t want to use the direct cable connection Phones (Amp) --> Phones (UR12) but at the same time, I don’t want to use my old Audigy card either.

Regards and have a Happy New Year !!!