UR12 and Reaper/Cubase/VST plugins

I’ve bought the UR12 in hopes that I’ll be able to use the famous LePou amp plugins in Reaper or Cubase for that matter. I don’t have speakers just regular headphones with the smaller jack for which I’ve bought the adapter for the bigger jack so it would fit into the headphone slot.

Now, I’ve installed the plugins successfully and it turns out they won’t work. I’ve set the devices to the UR12 ASIO and input 2 for the guitar cable but the amps are non-responsive. When the direct monitor is turned on then the I can hear the guitar on the headphones but without the amp effects no matter how many times I load them. And when the direct monitor is off then I don’t hear anything on the headphones.

I’ve searched everywhere for the answer to this serious problem but I’ve found nothing helped.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong.

Hi Angus, in either Reaper or Cubase, each track has an input monitor switch, have you enabled that, along with record arming the track you are inputting on? (turn off direct monitoring too to test)