UR12 audio cuts out after upgrading to Windows 11

Upgraded to Windows 11 few days ago and been experiencing random cut outs of audio (a second or few).
Switched cable, did not help, tried using external power, did not help.
Anyone got similar problems? Any solutions?

Have you tried reinstalling the Tools for UR?

Yes, I did, it did not help

Did you update the chipset drivers as well?

Hi, I have exactly the same problem!

I am having a similar problem on a UR44. It occurs even when playing iTunes (it uses the Yamaha driver). I have tried multiple versions of the driver and nothing seems to help.

are all system components up to date? Or just the driver?

All system components are up to date. I am doing my “fail” testing using iTunes to keep out complexities associated with Cubase. I have noticed that I can intermittently make it fail by starting a MS app (Outlook, Word or Excel). It also fails when none of these are running.

What you mean by make it fail?

What exactly is happening? Clicks, stutter or just fade out and after some seconds fade in?

iTunes: I would characterize it as a stutter. The song playing just hesitates for a second and then starts playing. Sometime iTunes actually stops playing and you have to restart it.

Cubase: Playback or recording hesitates and then picks up again. Sometimes you get a dropout error.

I am connected to my home router using an Ethernet cable as opposed to wireless (wireless is turned off on the computer). This morning I turned off the Ethernet adapter in Control Panel and played iTunes and Cubase for about over an hour and had no failures. I rebooted to restart the Ethernet card and failures started almost immediately. I suspect its related to the Ethernet adapter.

Only default W11 driver working me (if all from steinberg/yamaha is uninstalled)… but with the occasional squawk. With original drivers from Yamaha the sound is sometime cuting (especially in games). Utility from Yamaha shows this error (with Yamaha drivers installed). I tried everything on my PC, nothing happend, nothing helped… With W10 was all fine. Now I have AMD cpu and board.

Make sure all drivers are up-to-date and from the vendors of the product.
Try to avoid Windows own drivers for USB.

after all of those “updates” and early versions, it still stutters. Mostly when you use more than one app. For example, game and background browser. It occurs randomly, and it being ‘kinda fixed’ by unplug and plug power . it can work for hour or 5 min. so i have no clue what happen. When it begin you can see how indicator is stutters as well. almost like your soundcard hardly trying to restart many times.

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Something almost identical is happening to my UR12 after switching to Windows 11 (ASUS PRIME B660M-A D4 motherboard). With any audio application the audio constantly fades out every 10-15 seconds. I have every driver up to date.

UPDATE: I fixed it thanks to this thread: UR22 mkII - Audio dropouts problem - #144 by Matthew_Cuomo

  • Change the Power management mode setting in the NVIDIA Control centre: change from Normal to Prefer maximum performance

  • I also disabled the Nvidia Virtual Audio Device