UR12 Audio Dropouts!


I bought the UR12 a month ago, and from day one I have dropout every 5/10 min, not only in cubase, using any audio player.
I read all the posts and absolutely tested everything.

  • I installed the latest version of yamaha steinberg usb driver 2.0.3, I tried several old versions as well.
  • I updated the video card drivers (Intel HD graphics 4000) and disabled all visual improvements.
  • Power options, high performance, remove the USB shutdown, minimum and maximum cpu status 100%, I disabled Turbo bost.
  • disable all unused devices, network card, webcam, printers.
  • disable antivirus, firewall, windows update, windows defender.
  • uninstall old sound drivers.
  • perform a clean boot, starting windows only with basic services
  • I executed latency moon with excellent results, all green.
  • I bought another usb cable.
  • 5v eternal power supply.

nothing worked.

Intel core i7 vpro
8 gb Ram
Windows 10 pro - 1909

i experience same thing with my ur12, randomly white usb led goes away, for 2 sec there is no sound kind of disconnects and after 2 sec it comes and works.

yours is the same? i had topic but no one cared. i should have bought cheap behringer, i trusted this “yamaha” brand but i regret.