UR12 configure problem


I have a UR12 and want to use it with bias fx and cubase.

I have read somewhere that the UR12 only has mobo recording, is this true?

When I use my UR12 with bias effects, i have to configure the outputs to only use output L and disable output R, else I get a high pitched noise. This also happens in cubase, so i have to hit F4 and set vst connection output to only one output speaker.

Is this normal? How do i cobfigure to use both outputs/speakers?


Have you set up (1) stereo output bus that includes both L&R speakers in the Cubase>Devices>VST Connections menu? Then, of course, make sure audio tracks have that set as the track output (midi tracks will have it chosen by default).


Yes I have, but when i enable monitor and both outputs L and R are enabled in vst connections, it has a high frequency noise, almodt like feedback.

When only R is enabled in vst connections, it outputs on one speaker only when monitor is enabled and then there is no noise.

I have tried this approach for stereo too.

I am just posting if someone dumb enough like me made the same mistake.

For some reason i enabled the loopback in device setup setting in the steinberg driver.

In my UR12, when I want a stereo recording, It is not possible. I connect the stereo jack to Input 2, but only right side recorded, that means mono.
Whether UR12 has only mono inputs? How can I record stereo? I use nuendo and cubase? please help me its urgent.

Sure, it is an Instrument input.

It has one Mic input, which of course is mono, and one Instrument input also mono. You can record in stereo by creating a stereo track and connecting them to the two inputs of the interface.