UR12 crackling noises

Hello forum community,

I’m unfortunately experiencing issues with my UR12 audio interface and they’re beginning to drive me crazy. I can’t seem to figure out a way to be able to consistently get a clear audio signal.

A short explanation of my setup and my problem:
I have an electric guitar plugged into the interface via instrument cable and am recording it into an audio track in Ableton Live. Every 2-3 minutes the sound begins to distort. It won’t work again until I go into the ASIO settings and change the buffer size, after which, it suddenly works again, like nothing was ever wrong.

Specs: Windows 10, ASUS H81M-PLUS, i5-4690, NVIDIA GTX 980, 16GB RAM.
UR12 is connected to my PC via USB. I mainly work in ASIO4ALL since it allows me to specify a output device that is not the audio interface.

I have installed the latest firmware updates, the latest Yamaha Sterinberg USB driver, have plugged it into different USB ports, turned it on/off and restarted my PC many times. After googling, research and trying to solve it for ~2 hours I am writing this post in search for help.

It makes no sense to me that it would work fine when I close the ASIO settings, but after playing/recording for a bit, it will start with those crackling/distortion noises. Is it some kind of “buffer overflow” that gets cleared once I open the settings? Honestly I have no idea but if any of you can help me I would greatly appreciate it!

When using Asio4all things might work, and then again they might not. In this case I think that if you revert to the normal Yamaha ASIO driver you will be fine.
I understand that this might not be the answer you are looking for, but try running the normal ASIO and if things work you can then start looking at Asio4all for a solution.