UR12 & Cubase Elements Audio Recording Latency Issue

I have confirmed the Audio Buffer setting in Cubase Elements 12 is set to lowest level, but am experiencing a very bad latency issue when recording audio with UR12 - Yamaha driver. The computer is fairly new so wondering where to focus troubleshooting? UR12 is connected to PC with USB.

Are you using any high latency plugins? Is this a new issue? As in, have you been able to record with minimal latency in the past?

What does this mean exactly?
What are you recording? Vocals? Guitar? Using FX?

No not using any plugins. This is a new setup I have no previous/successful recording.

This is audio from guitar/amp. Not using any FX.

Just to make sure, by “latency” you mean there is a delay of the sound from the time you play your guitar to the time you hear it?

Are you sure you have the Yamaha driver selected in Cubase “Studio Setup”? What buffer size do you have set? What is the reported Input/Output Latency?

Are you using a template or creating a project from scratch?

The audio sounds fine while recording but is delayed on playback, out of sync with the metronome.

I do have the UR12 Yamaha drive selected in Studio setup.

I am creating projects from scratch

The audio buffer size is 10 milliseconds

Oh, okay … that sounds like a different situation than what most people refer to as latency.

Can you describe your recording setup in more detail? What is your “metronome” source during recording vs playback? What are you playing along to while recording?

At least we can rule out the input latency side of things, I think.