UR12 "Device Could Not Be Opened"

I originally bought a UR44 that came with Cubase AI 9.5 and installed it on my desktop. I then later bought a UR12 so I could travel and use the USB power vs the 12V on my laptop. I’m now trying to use my UR12 on my desktop, and it will not recognize the device.

Any help would be appreciated, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, searching online, and was hoping maybe some of yall had a few insights. Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome in the forum,

Are you in Mac or Windows, please?

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Hi Martin, I am in Windows 10 on my desktop, using USB 2.0 cord that came with my UR12. I can record perfectly fine with my UR44 (using same cord from UR12), but it’s a shame that I can’t just plug in my UR12 and it work just as well :confused:


Can you see the device as an audio device in Windows as a system, please?

Hi Tim,

I have the same issue, did you get to solve this?


Could you try to uninstall Yamaha/Steinberg driver, restart computer and install the driver back? Does it help?