UR12 hearing both input 1 and input 2 during recording

Hi all,
I have the UR12 and after the last patch when I am recording (GarageBand) if I have the XLR volume up with the XLR cable plugged in I am getting noise from my microphone and vice versa. I have to unplug the microphone cable so I don’t get any other noise while recording.

Thanks in advance for the help.


My first suggestion would be to ditch GarageBand. Only because I have heard nothing good about it.

As for your question, I am not sure I understand what you are asking… If a mic is plugged in, it will make noise. That is the basic idea.

Not trying to be smug. Please be more clear as to the details of your issue.

I just switched over to Logic Pro X, I uninstalled the software/drivers and get the same issue.

The issue is I’m getting noise on the unit itself as if it were mic’ed. I record my guitars through Input 2, turn the volume all the way down on Input 1 and can record ok, but whenever I tap the UR12 I hear that tap through my DAW and it records it if the track is armed.

When I first bought the unit was working just fine.