UR12 Input won't reach laptop output

Really thought I could solve this myself quite easily but I’m stumped so thanks in advance for any assistance. I’m assuming it’s something simple that I’m just missing…

Bought a UR12 today to play guitar into DAW software on my laptop (Using an old version of Adobe Audition as well as Reaper) with the intention of hearing the results over the laptop speakers without headphones.

The problem is, the signal gets to the laptop just fine and records into the software. No problem.

But the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver seems to just completely take ownership of everything once assigned as input source and won’t allow the signal to be heard anywhere but back at the UR12 outputs or headphones.

I’ve messed with various settings in both DAWs, Direct Monitoring on the UR12 itself as well as enabling and disabling Loopback in the driver configuration but no combination of settings I’ve tried has yet to allow me to hear what I’m playing directly over the laptop speakers until after I’ve recorded it. I added this piece of gear specifically to monitor over the laptop speakers while recording so it kind of defeats the purpose if I can’t simultaneously assign the UR12 as the input and the internal card as the output.

Thanks for taking the time to consider my problem