UR12 installation and audio problems

Hi all. Could someone help me to install the steinberg ur12 interface well ?. It just got to me today and so far so good, download the updated drivers from the official website. But when listening for example: youtube videos.
Videos come out sooooo low volume, even when the volume knob and everything else is at 100. Or if I am playing a video game, some sounds are heard and others are not. As for the voice, it is still very low. I have to raise the profit parameter almost to the maximum for it to sound minimally decent. Which it shouldn’t be.
I already tried reinstalling the drivers, using old drivers and nothing. 3 years ago the same thing happened to me with my old laptop, I thought that having a better pc, it would not happen but apparently it did not. For the microphone I am using an xlr or dmx cable that I bought. Nothing more to “get out of trouble” in what I decide to buy a better one.
But I doubt that improving the cable will solve the volume of the voice … or yes ?. As a curiosity, the audio problem only happens to me when I listen in headphones. If I record a video clip and watch it on my cell phone, for example. if you hear the audio well and everything. except for the problem of the voice level

Your post is very confused…
There are many volume control possibilities… the interface is just one…

What happens is that I thought that the gain of the interface would be much higher. For example: In the Blue Yeti I have, I hardly used the gain, since the volume of voice it picked up was too high.

Although good, I will try to explain my problems in a better way

1: The headphone audio problem, I think I fix it now. What happened is that as I was using a headset with a detachable microphone, it seemed like a false contact or something like that … at the time of connecting it with the adapter to the interface. And for that reason the sound was distorted. I tried some normal headphones (the ones with two black stripes instead of 3 on the connector) and it seems to solve the problem.

2: The most important problem is the issue of the microphone. It is an AT2020, I do not understand any audio, so I find it a bit surprising (not to say exaggerated) the volume level so low, which is captured using the interface. In fact, I can’t even hear the direct monitor well how low the voice is coming out. I have to turn up the volume of the headphones and the gain of the microphone almost to the maximum to be able to hear it less well.

At the moment, I am using OBS with filters (since I do gameplays for youtube). Which are a noise reducer, an anti-noise door, a compressor and maybe an equalizer. But I have to set the compressor from 10db to 15db of output gain. To be able to listen to me decently.

A few days ago I was watching some videos on YouTube, of the UR12 and Scarlett Solo, and apparently it is something already common in the interfaces. Why most used the gain knob at the 2 or 3 o’clock position