UR12 instrument input not working

Whether I plug my guitar into the instrument input (the “HI-Z” input #2) or a normal, old jack microphone, it seems to not be noticing any signal coming in. The PEAK control led won’t ever turn on, even when I crank the volume on my guitar to max and the HI-Z gain up. It just seems entirely dead, Windows 10 not seeing any signal come through, either.

On the other hand, and to my surprise, I can get the sound from my laptop to come out of the headphone jack. Somewhat pointless, since I got this device with the intent to feed sound into it, not have it be a contrived usb-to-headphonejack port… but still, it at least means that the box itself is not entirely dead, I guess.

I have installed the most recent drivers and tried updating the firmware - upon which attempt I was greeted by a message stating that the firmware is already up-to-date.

I’d be very much obliged for some assistance. I’m not yet able to test the XLR input, and, regarding it, can only say that the phantom power led does come on when the phantom power is switched on.

I just bought the UR12 as well.
Got it working with Cubase Artist 7.
After installing the driver, then open Cubase, a project. Usually for me a box comes up “missing ports”. Then I click on “unmapped” and select UR12.
Also had to go into Devices/Device setup/control panel/ on left panel, select Audio System. Here you can select ASIO Driver, selecting the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO.
This helps alot.
Now you will see in the left panel “Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO” below the Audio System pull down menu.
To continue, in the right panel click on the “unmapped” and select again the UR12 for the ins and outs.
Finally, click on the pull down menu for Devices. Here, you can select VST Connections, then select the ins and outs again.
That should do it. Usually my computer freezes(or CUBASE) so I end task in Task Manager. Then restart Steinberg. Then all should be ready.