UR12 keeps disconnecting


I have the UR12 on a Dell laptop with windows 11.
My UR12 keeps disconnecting every now and then (a minute or so, can be less or more), not only using any DAW - but also just playing music on YouTube/Spotify.

  1. I have the most updated drivers and firmware installed.
  2. I tried reinstalling.
  3. I went on to Devices and disabled any power saving option.
  4. Also the power plan so the laptop doesn’t shut down the USB ports.
  5. Tried two different USB cables, one of those is the original.
  6. Tried supporting the UR12 with external power in addition to the USB connection.

I’ll appreciate your help.

I have exactly the same issue on a brand new Mac mini when I use it with Zoom, ECamm and Logic Pro. Off to buy a new cable to see if that’s the fix, so will let you know if it works.

hey, have u found a fix on this it started today idk what to do :?

was that the sollution ?