UR12 - no 5V DC power

I have a UR12 and am connecting to an iPAD pro via USB. I have plugged in a power adapter to the 5V DC port and switched POWER SOURCE to 5V DC, but there is no power to the UR12 unit (no lights, no sound, etc).

The iPAD will power the UR12 when POWER SOURCE is switched to USB, but this drains my iPAD. Is there a special process to get the UR12 to draw power from the 5VDC port?


Hi Cahrens1, do you have some support from Steinberg on your power supply issue ? Mine does not work (no phone, no output, but USB led ok) in both USB and 5C power.

Same problem with URmkII

Same situation with ipad9.7 ios12 (with the new camera adapater) and ur22mkII (firmware1.0.4). Maybe there is a camera adapter (without powercharging lightning-slot) wich works well with this devices? I saw a video on the net about a guy who has the same situation with the apple camera apadter and he solved the problem with a cheaper lightning usb cable.

Heureka! Problem solved! The situation is that i changed the power adapter to a stronger one and after i connected the device(5v dc switched) to ipad the led start to light on. I think minimum 500mA or stronger adapter must have to do this! So change the power adapter first and if with pc/mac usb connected works than switch to 5dc with adapter connected. The light start to switch on if there is an usb connection too! So if you get worked the light on with 5dc switched connected with pc/mac than you can try with ipad too! Good luck!

the issue with the 5V DC Power adapter. In the manual it does say that the iphone has to be plugged in at the same time - so both power sources have to be engaged…Turn on your iphone or ipad - plug it into the USB 2.0 AND plug in the 5V DC adapter - hope that helps! :slight_smile: