UR12 - no output via USB?


I can’t get my new UR12 to work properly. I want to use it for playing guitar through amp sims like BiasFX and DAWs, using the active loudspeakers-system connected to my PCs motherboard.

I’m using Windows 10 64bit and the UR12 is patched to the newest Yamaha USB driver and firmware. The USB-port, it’s connected to is 2.0, not an external hub and on the back of my tower. The interface’s power source is switched to “USB2.0”, “Direct Monitor” is not making any difference and the line output jacks are not connected to anything.

The driver seemingly installed correctly but Windows shows only an output device called “Line” for the UR (icon is a pair of chinch cables). If I select this as primary output device, I don’t hear anything over the active loudspeakers connected to the lineout of my motherboard. There is a visible input signal shown on the meter next to the icon, though.

I do also get an input signal in BiasFX and CubaseAI but no matter how I configure it, I can’t seem to get any output through to said loudspeakers. I think I have read somewhere that it show up not as “Line” but as “USB Audio device” or something like that in Windows. But I can’t figure it out for the life of me…and it’s starting to driving me crazy because I fear that it’s the second interface I purchased this month that doesn’t do the simple deed of letting me properly play guitar through my PC.

Please tell me if I’m I doing something wrong or if my UR12 is broken?

You need to connect your speakers and/or headphones to your UR12. If you select the Yamaha Driver all audio from your system is routed to the UR12. If it has no outpur (speakers or headphones) you will hear no sound.

If you choose the “Generic ASIO” driver all system audio is routed through your motherboard then to your speakers connected to your mobo and will bypas the UR12 completely. So any input from your guitar (which is plugged into your UR12) is ignored.

So your UR12 AI needs a physical line out to speakers and/or headphones. The USB-cable with which it is connected to your PC is only routing ounds generated from within your PC or for eg. a MIDI-keyboard which is connected directly to your mobo using USB and then routed through a VST/soft synth. It does not carry audio back into your mobo then to it’s speakers.

Hello, I am having a similar issue and I just can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Using the Steinberg UR12 interface, trying to record guitar and vocals. There is feedback from the microphone (Magneto Condenser) but not a sound from the guitar, and when I try to record guitar with the microphone, nothing gets recorded. In short I can’t record anything.

I have attached screenshots of the Device Setup and VST connections.
I am still a bit of a noob at this so any other information that would be helpful please let me know, I have had the equipment for a while and still haven’t been able to properly use it, I usually just give up after a few hours of troubleshooting and finding nothing, pls help.