UR12 not recording microphone input in Audacity


My microphone does not record microphone sound in Audacity - ie I get a flat line, even though I notice the green bars of the microphone volume go up in the top right volume bar in Audacity (see this screen capture: http://users.telenet.be/myprojects/tests/audacity-capture.jpg)

Can anyone help please ?

  • Computer Configuration:
    Audacity 2.1.0
    Windows 10 Home Edition (up to date), with the following sound controllers in the Device Manager:

  • Hauppauge Win TV HVR-5525 (that’s an internal TV tunercard with which I watch TV on my computer)

  • NVIDIA High Definition Audio

  • Realtek High Definition Audio

  • Steinberg UR12

  • Microphone:
    Behringer ECM 8000 connected to a Steinberg UR12 pre-amplifier, which in turn is connected to my computer via USB.
    I already installed the latest driver for UR12, and the microphone does visually register the sound in SpectrumLab (http://www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/spectra1.html), but it doesn’t record it in Audacity.

Spectrum Lab only renders a visual spectrum of sound, not an audible one (see this example of my singing a scale do re mi fa sol la to do ti la sol fa mi re do http://users.telenet.be/myprojects/tests/120.JPG). So the mic does pick up sound in SpectrumLab and therefor works. It just doesn’t record it in Audacity.

  • Headphones:
    Logitech headphone via the rear jack of my computer. Realtek recognises it. When I connect it, gives me a choice between “headphone” and speaker", and regardless of which option I take, it is listed as “speaker”. The headphones work, I hear the sound properly with other applications.

  • In the Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds >

-------- Playback, listed are:

  • Line (Steinberg UR12) - Disabled (enabling it makes no difference)
  • NVIDIA Output - not plugged in
  • NVIDIA Output - not plugged in
  • Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio - set as default device

-------- Recording, listed are:

  • Line Steinberg UR12 set as default device
  • Microphone Realtek High Definition Audio - not plugged in
  • Line in - Realtek High Definition Audio - not plugged in
  • Sterio Mix - Realtek High Deinition Audio - disabled (enabling it makes no difference)

Actions taken so far, without success:

  • Driver updates of UR12 (ver 1.10.0) and of Realtek

  • Setting up headphones as headphone or speakers in rear jack - in both cases listed as “speaker” in the Playback Devices, no effect in Audacity.

  • Changing the Windows settings (Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Sounds) of Playback and Recording, flagged and unflagged Exclusive Mode and Enhancements in their Advanced settings etc., each time either restarting Audacity or Transport > Rescan Audio Devices after a change

  • Audacity is set to microphone Line Steinberg UR12,stereo (I tried mono too) and as speaker Realtek High Definition Audio.

  • Question:

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get the microphone to record in Audacity? Many Thanks!