UR12 peaking with gain only at 2.

So this is how much gain I use https://i.imgur.com/dIpFCbk.jpg

And the PEAK led will blink red if I bump it more than what is shown in the picture.

I’m using a Gibson LP Studio with a fender instrument cable.

Is it normal?

I’m having this issue on my new laptop but when I connect my ur22 to my old laptop or my gaming desktop it’s fine I can take the input gain to just over half way. I’m still trouble shooting and I’ve gone from leads, guitar, house not grounded correctly down to my power adaptor only being a 2 prong (pin) plug.
I’m in Australia so my be different due to power grid, but can I ask anyways.
1,are you getting any interference (buzzing static noise) ?
2, how many prongs ( pins) does your power plug have?