UR12- Trouble setting to channel 1 Win 10 HELP

Hi there! :confused:

Well i have this issue with my audio interface nor windows, or microphone (I believe its about the interface) where i tried to put recording channel β€œ1” Mono, but i cant, it shows up in the gray basic color of win that you can easily notice it dosnt let you manage those features. ive downloaded the yamaha driver from steiberg original site but the only feature i can modify are the Khz and looping. i just want to hear my voice in both headphones overall. ive been streaming for a while and my viewers are the most affected ones, they can only hear me from the left headphone (So am i when i enable the β€œhear this device” feature), in apps like discord, skype or ingame voicechat it works perfectly, they can hear me loud and clear both sides.

ive tried to contact support from steinberg, didnt work cuz they never take the call.

Leave mi specs :
Interface: UR12 192Khz.
Mic: AT 2035
Win V: Win 10 Home edition.
drivers: Yamaha steinberg audio drivers updated.

pd.: Im not a native english speaker, please try to understand my terrible text.