UR12 + UR12 USB cable + USB adaptor to mains

So, first message here, hope I’m doing everything a-okay and… thanks in advance for any possible reply!
As for my problem, it’s very simple:
it’s probably due to my thickness that I’m not sure weather everything would go well if I were to connect my UR12 to the mains with the USB cable it comes with and a simple USB smartphone adaptor.
I mean, in my head it doesn’t seem too different from connecting it to the computer via that same USB cable (one of the standard configurations in the UR12 operation manual and the one I usually use), but the fear of frying the unit has kept me from trying anything.
In short, what do you think?
Let me know,

P.S. I live in Italy right now, so my smartphone adaptor is the kind with 2 round pins (if that’s in any way relevant to the problem at hand) ==>

I would be checking the power requirements as listed in the UR12 documentation, and match that with your phone charger’s specs… however, its sounds risky to me… I don’t recommend it.

So, my phone USB adaptor reads:
“PRI(mary power source, I guess, where the adaptor meets the mains and takes in the current) 100-240V 50/60Hz 150mA
SEC(ondary, the power that comes out the USB end of the adaptor) 5.0V 1000mA”
I guess this is what you mean, and yet I’m not sure which one of these values should match the USB 2.0 port power requirement values of the UR12 (and for that matter, I couldn’t find the in the manual, all I could find is a “2.5W”).
Still let me know if something can be done!

So, for anyone reading this…
I halfarsedly decided after reading this:

that nothing bad would have come from following my initial intent as in the title of this thread.
And what do you know, after a split second blink of the PEAK red-led of the HI-Z input I just have a continuous USB white-led blink (which, to my understanding, occurs when the host device doens’t recognize the UR12, but how can a wall do that?), and the device seems to be working normally: headphones in, I was able to hear my SM-57, perfectly amplified.
Sure, I did only try the thing for a second, but still waiting for somebody to prove this dangerous, I will keep at it and keep y’all (trying to do something similar) updated, when I make further attempts.

So, just letting you know: the setup (as in the title) works like a charm. Been using it everywhere, together with my RC-1 BOSS loop pedal, to include mic and guitar in my loop mixes at the same time. Been using it to record mic quality voices on my phone. There is no problem whatsoever. I’d go as far as to say there’s not even a single chance to take. Safe as ever.
And there’s a very simple reason for that =>
If we consider the simple iPad + UR12 setup, the iPad provides no energy whatsoever to the unit in this configuration (regardless if you use the 30-pin connector or the Lightning one, they both can’t do that). Therefore the only thing that powers the UR12 in this particular configuration is the 5V port (unlike a PC + 5V port, a setup in which the power that the unit recives is a blend of the USB 2.0 port and the 5V one, for stability). If we look, then, at the specifications of this port, the instructions for the UR12 say it requires a 5V (±0.2V) and 0.5A (or higher amperage) current.
If your battery charger adaptor meets this criteria (as mine does, supplying 5V and 1000mA), you are good to go. Period.
Hope this helps anyone needing to use the UR12 on the go, without an iPad or PC.