UR12 Windows 10 Driver


I just updated my Windows 10 to the most recent build (1909) but upon reboot, VoiceMeeter fails to recognize my UR12. Meanwhile, in the background, the driver for my UR12 is attempting to install but fails. When I click the error, it reattempts in an endless loop. If I try to cancel the install, the installer freezes.

This same issue happened last year on build 1903 on in both of these instances, I’ve been forced to reboot to build 1809.

Any ideas?

which driver is installed? Have you tried to uninstall the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver (Apps & Features) and download and install the latest one available here:

Hi Ed,

It looks like I had to revert to 1809, uninstall the driver, upgrade to 1909, and then install the driver.

Thanks for the help!

Glad that you have it working now! :slight_smile: