Ur22 + Alesis 3630

Hey all, how are you doing?!

I bought 2x P10 to 2 RCA (Mono to Mono) to make the outputs of the Ur22 x4 and works fine about monitors and analog gear, but for feeding the gear I have to push more output, I believe it’s more about putting input than DAW, so I always put input from the 1 white point to 3 position and output very up, also the preamps at the middle of the signal, for not being so loud the loudspeakers (Edifiers) I make them not so loud by the loudspeakers knob… well, I wish to know if I can do it better and I checked that the Alesis gear with the Ur22 not match, what would be a solution since 4x4 interface is not something for now? DAW is Waveform 8 OEM.

What is this?

Ah sorry I forgot, P10 here in Brazil in USA and more places = TRS or TS, I have these adapters to increase the number of outputs.

No that doesn’t work… it just increases the number of connections, not outputs…

I guess it drops the level on either device by 6dB…

A direct box would be ok for link to the Alesis?!