UR22 and Roland EXR 7S keyboard

How do I connect my Roland EXR 7-S keyboard to the UR22 ?
Audio :
Sometimes I want to use the Roland’s onboard tones. The Roland has Left and Right audio ouputs. If I connect these to Input1 and Input2 respectivley on the UR22, the audio is obviously recorded on 2 different tracks in my Cubase Artist7. I would like to maintain the stereo output of the keyboard, but on one track in my DAW. Can this be done ?
Midi :
My Roland is connected to my PC via USB. I would like to record the onboard styles ( accompaniments) of the Roland onto a MIDI track in Cubase Artist 7, with a view to dissolving the MIDI track and then editting each instrument on a seperate track. I record the style and then when I play it back is comes out all weird ( a real cacophony !!). Seems like it has to play back through the Roland again - and then it is all messed up !

Thank you