UR22 and the Software it came with

I apologize in advance if there was an answer somewhere in the knowledge base or the forums but I was unable to find it.

I reticently upgraded my PC from an AMD Phenom II X4 940 (circa 2009) to an i7 5820 K 6-core beast, in my new PC Frenzied excitement I have misplaced the Email with my Activation code for my Cubase Software that came with my UR22 USB Audio interface. I am pretty sure it was a download linked from an Email with an Activation code that was sent to me via E-Mail.

Registered on Product activated on 07/16/2015 13:56.

How do I go about getting my activation code so I can RE-install the software on my new PC? I am able to log into my Steinberg account and download the software,(CuBase AI8) from when I registered the product but I have found no information on retrieving my Key.
My Gratitude and thanks in advance for any help!

Jeff B


Login to your MySteinberg account and reactivate your Cubase.

when i click “Reactivate” i get

i need a Register eLicenser / software & Enter Download Access Code
there is no Soft-eLicencer to reactivate
when i click on Register i have no eLicence Registration Number
I need a download access code
my hardware is Registered
I do not have a USB-eLicencer


Could you click to the “Add the Soft-eLicenser to your account” link and follow the steps, please?

Do you still have your old PC with the Elicencer Control Center installed? If so open it on your old PC and write down the number of this soft-elicencer and register it to your mysteinberg account. You probably never did register it on your account. Thats why there is no elicencer to choose for reactivation.

Advice: Allways register your elicencer to your mysteinberg account. :wink:

Maybe something was lost in translation, but i did it all again and nothing helped again.

yeah i did and i get
"Your eLicenser with the number --------------------------- was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

When i click on
Register eLicencer / Software Enter Download Access Code button at Link https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=9083&L=1
It Gives me the Above Response No valid Steinberg product Licence

When i click on Reactivate Button i get
“The selected Soft-eLicenser cannot be reactivated because it does not contain any license that is reactivatable.”
and as far as your 3rd button My UR22 is already registered as you can see in my account.

So what now Mr Martin.Jirsak ? the eLC was in no way help full as i formatted my original Hard drive the eLC is Showing Limited Licence for MP3 Encoder and Cubase AI 8. Is that what was intended for the software i received originally is a Limited use? and it says it Expires on 2016-06-25 so a few weeks?

What other options are available to me.


Was the original license registered (as Novikthewise asked), please?

I dont remember it was a year ago.

Can you see the registration in your MySteinberg account?

The number… Is it the current one? Or is it from the old computer?

I would assume it is from new PC? I have no clue how to tell.

I miss understood what you were asking.
Thankyou for your assistance thus far. You are Greatly appreciated.
But if i could offer a suggestion?
Try being a little more descriptive? You have been doing this for how long? and how long have i been trying to get help? I am patient my friend what ever it takes to get this situation resolved i will try to make this process as easy as possible but i can not by my self.

***** The eLicencer Tab on the my products page says NO PRODUCTS FOUND ON THIS eLICENCER *****


I’m sorry, I really try my best… OK, I understand, there is no product on this eLicenser. But I’m not asking to this eLicenser. You could have multiple eLicenser in your MySteinberg account. One of them could the one from your old computer.

Can you see any eLincenser in the MyProducts tab, please?

I have only ever purchased the UR22.
I have never used an Elicencer for any other products let alone the Cubase software.
As the UR22 (serial Number) was registered last july I do not remember if i registered the software. I think i opened it 1 time.

In December of 2015 I formatted the hard drive CUBase was installed on.
I have also sense searched exstensively and i am certain I deleted the Email that they sent the activation key, which I think i recall it stating that it was a one time use if i am not mistaken?

So can you send me a new Activation key?
If I am unable to get a new Activation Key because I did not register the software properly that is my fault, and i will Sell my UR22 for $75-80 and Buy a New one to get a new Copy of the software.
Please forgive me.
Sometimes it is hard for me to convey my thoughts having suffered to many concussions in my youth.

im sure your pretty busy with other posts and classes but I am still waiting on a response.

Can i get a new Activation Key? or did i screw up and am no longer able to use Cubase because i did not follow directions properly?


Myself, I cannot send you an Activation Code. There are some options:
A) You already got it (via mail).
B) You can get it from your MySteinberg account. I would say, this is the most likely one.
C) You have to ask official Steinberg Support to get it.

A) Yes but as the above post explains that i lost it
B) We have gone through it in the above post that you have been corresponding with me SENSE MAY26th 2016
C) Why did you not give me that advice to go to support before you strung me along for 3 Months… did you actuly read anything i posted or are you working from a sheet of canned responses?

definately a problem between keyboard + chair