UR22 and USB Microphone

Hello - new to Cubase.

I have a MiniNova audio outs into UR22 XLR In and can record the audio of this to a track in CB

I have a Yeti USB Microphone - how do I specify the Yeti Microphone on another Audio track?

Can I specify UR22 on one audio track and Yeti USB microphone on another Audio Track?

Can’t find anything in the manual about specify inputs on different tracks.

Thanks in advance

What are you using mac or Windows? Add a signature with the basics of your setup please.

What you want is in principle not possible because you’re using an ASIO driver, this driver doesn’t allow 2 or more soundcards to be active. The USB mic can/must be seen as a (2nd) soundcard!
For Windows you could try ASIO4ALL, for mac maybe agregated devices.

I’m not a mac user so if others could fill in at this point would be nice.

Menoj - thank you

Would like some easier way to switch between the inputs to different audio tracks. Otherwise I can see myself recording to file in one app and then having to open in cubase.

I am on Windows 7, 32GB ram, CUbase AI, Ur22 - total Newbie to all this.

You should be able to switch from the UR22 to the USB mic back and forth, so open device setup from the menu and switch sounddevice (UR22 and the USB mic are soundcards) make the recording and switch back again.

My advice would be to trade the usb mic in for a normal mic with xlr connection and use the UR22 solely for recording.