UR22 audio inputs recording at 20-25% level before peaking

I have been using my UR22 with Cubase without a problem for a couple of months however last week I noticed that any input, be it a mic or line, was peaking out at less than 20-25% capacity which creates, as my mic repair guy described it, a “line of toothpaste” block of audio in my recordings. The mic and lines are fine, and it’s happening with various different mics too, which suggests a problem with the interface and/or Cubase.

Usually, when I record, the inputted audio would only peak where the sound wave exceeded the recording strip combined, obviously, with the peak light flashing on the unit itself.

What’s happening now is that the peak light is flashing yet the audio being recorded is only, at best, at 20-25% volume so everything sounds really weak. I attach a screenshot with arrows which I hope helps.

My mic repair guy reckoned that either a setting in Cubase had changed or that the unit itself was faulty. Having not made a settings change in Cubase I can only assume that the unit is on the blink. :frowning:

I’ve only had this equipment (Cubase Elements 7 and UR22) for 6 months so this is a hugely disappointing start to my experience with Steinberg. I had hoped that it would be very simple to record an acoustic guitar and vocal but it’s turning into a voyage of technical support forums, hair pulling and gnashing of teeth. In short, my experience has been terrible so far and I’m sick fed up of Steinberg products at the moment.

I’m hoping that someone can quickly identify and resolve this for me. Thank you.

EDIT: No takers on this one? Steinberg support haven’t responded either…3 days on. I’m really not sure where that leaves me now. :frowning:

Updated screenshot which I think explains the situation better.
Hope someone can help with this. Thank you.

PS. Does anyone have any experience with Steinberg support? How long do they usually take to respond to support requests submitted via My Steinberg?