I bought an iMac 27 "last week and I can not make use of the UR22.
The sound is muted permanently, I do not have his picture with VLC and iTunes or Quick Time freezes when I put break then calls play.
While UR22 works fine on my MacBook Air or MacBook Pro to a friend.
I tried the 1.8.1 driver pressed without success.
I can not install the patch “CoreAudio2ASIO Update for Mac OS X 10.9”, the procedure that freezes when I click on install, the install button is gray (see photo).

Does anyone has an idea?

Please install the latest driver:


If the CoreAudio2ASIO installer cannot be installed, it either cannot find a program that can be patched or it already is installed. Further information can be found here:


I’m having similar issues on my brand new iMac 27" http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=157&t=49940
I’ve updated the latest driver and still have all the same issues. The playback from all programmes is “buffering” and when recording I get a “static clicking” style buffering sound over the audio from time to time.
It’s basically a piece of shit.

Any fixes yet for this? I’m still having these issues as well and it’s Dec 17th! Bought my UR22 a few days ago.

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