UR22 buzz/noise DirectX issue

Hello guys,

I just bought a brand new PC with a brand new UR22 :

Asus V77-A / Intel i5 3570k
Windows 7 64bits
Steinberg UR22
Yamaha HM50

Cubase is OK, it runs smoothly with pristine sound, UR22 is doing a great job for a low end sound itf. BUT… playing any game results in a constant noise/buzz out of my monitors. This buzz is pitched by any move of my USB mouse (kind of fun but irritating : i can’t play no more).

I tried COD Ghosts and Batman AO… same buzz. The only difference i see between Cubase and a game is the way the system access the sound itf : Cubase = ASIO ; Game = DirectX

Here are the steps i followed in order to solve my problem :

  • update UR22 drivers (up to date : 1.8.3)
  • update DirectX 11 (June 2010 version found on Clubic)
  • change sample size
  • deactivate HD audio chipset from my MB

Nothing worked and i feel stuck.

I seen there is a low freq noise on a few batches of UR22 but i checked my serial : its not included in the list of defectuous materials provided on steinberg website. Beside i don’t really have a low freq noise everytime but a mid freq buzz on directX programs.

Could someone help with this issue ?

Thanks a lot.


Have a look here, maybe your directx version is not the right one for your OS


Hello ktofe,

Thx for this advice. I tried to update DirectX from Microsoft website but the installer told me nothing can be installed because my DirectX is up to date.


I have the same problem and in looking for a solution what I find suggest there is a usb ground loop problem. I have not tried any of the products that supposedly remove via isolation. But wonder shouldn’t such electronics to do this be part of the UR22?

Additionally using a USB to computer for the Yamaha PSR-S750 is as well noisy, perhaps more so. Meaning the PSR does not have the needed ground loop isolation either.

The most helpful (I think) findings on the internet to explain the problem http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=113721

Tried a different cable running a different path and noise is reduced but still there