UR22-C New Firmware 1.5 Update Failure (and FIX) - PLEASE READ

I tried updating my UR22C to the latest V1.5 firmware today. I’m running Windows 10 (version 1909 / x64).

I followed the instructions in the enclosed UpdateGuide.pdf to the letter. Rebooted machine, only UR22C conected, connected to AC, sleep mode disabled… ran UR-C_firmware_V150.exe. The software correctly detected boot version 1,00 and indicated an update to main from 1.01 to 1.5. All good! So I clicked “Start”.

The lights started flashing and the firmware update began, then I received a message stating that the firmware update had failed and the two red lights started flashing alternately on the device.

Rebooting the device didn’t help. Red lights still flashing.


Tried the procedure again. No difference.

I thought the device was bricked. But I managed to fix it.
Here’s how.

The problem is instruction line 3 of the instructions in UpdateGuide.pdf which reads “Double-click the file “UR-C_firmware_Vxxx.exe” for Windows or “URC_firmware_Vxxx.app” for Mac”. THIS IS WRONG!.

Instead, alternate-click the file UR-C_firmware_V150.exe and click “Run as Administrator”. You’ll probably get a user account warning asking if you really want to run this as an administrator. Yes, you do. The program will run and should detect the UR22C. Clicking the “start” button should complete the firmware update successfully now.

I’ve now got the steady white “USB connected” light on in front of me. Phew.

I hope this post saves someone from ruining their underpants. I also hope Steinberg admins / engineers can check the veracity of this post and update their firmware installer to require Administrator privilege escalation on startup. It might save them both reputation and good will.

All the best