UR22-C not much sound to hear

I connected one monitor box as first listening test with a kontakt string library, but sounds poor and only with max output gives a low volume

This is definely not good
Could be something that it has to do in a Cubase strings template , because with a single instrumenttrack it sounds better with only one masteroutput then.

I think i test this first with a single stringsound what gives a poor output in a template with has a more complex audio routing and it is not yet clear for me how it is build up this template.

Perhaps it has to do also with the usb3.0 connection from the UR 22c to the computer ?
Its now connected to a hub the urc 22c

Do you really think that this is a valid test for anything?
How about a ready mixed stereo track, just for testing?

No idea if this a valid test, but connecting both monitor boxes is no problem of course
A ready mixed stero track is simply then two boxes connected

Don’t know the fader position what is needed for ready mixed stereo track ?
Also i am looking at the USB3.0 hub connection , probably not powerful enough , because it has the low output volume for the usb audio interface.

I will test this also with a usb cable directly on the computer usb.

I don’t care about your second loudspeaker…
A string library from Kontakt is not a valid test

Ok , what is a valid test for getting the full capacity of my monitorboxes ?

First problem seems to be the usb asio driver : its accepted by Cubase 11
The UR22- c must be connected to a computer and must have power
So UR22 c it has one connection for power and one connection to the usb for the communicationwith the computer

Ok its working the usb connection, but with USB 2.0 specification, i got a warning that it is working on this speed ( i am using a cheap HUB , although the specifications are for USB 3.0).

So this afternoon i will buy a usb 3.0 cable to connect directly to the computer USB 3.0 port to improve speed en hopefully it solves the low monitor output level in order to get a higher output?

output levels are not effected by the cabel type used

So it doesn’t matter if the UR 22C is connected with the computer with usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 ?
It was connected with usb 2.0.
Preference is for using usb3.0 as it seems by getting a warning message from the usb audiodriver.
Nowadays there are no sold anymore computers motherboards with usb 2.0 ports.

Let me connect first with USB 3.0 for PC connection , then i look to the output issue

How about taking a song from iTunes :smirk: ?

For bypassing Cubase for now and look if the steinberg output works here ?
But somehow, it must be working also the full output in Cubase.

Simply wrong… USB2.0 ports are still available on many main-boards

it will not change anything related to the levels on the output
a string library from kontakt will not deliver full output level in many cases
use proper test signals to check your system

that’s all what is needed for now

It was more then 4 years ago when i bought a new motherboard and installed this.
Thinking on the backwards compability …i was quesing that it was all now usb 3.0 on the motherboard , but i did not check this.

Now how to use those proper test signals then?

just play something… music, speech, youtube…something but not a kontakt library with strings

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Ur22 has a input/daw mix knob.

Do you have it set fully to daw?

At the moment i can nothing do with UR22 , because it seems that a USB 3.0 port is not working anymore on my computer.

I cannot connect UR22 to my computer right now
So i try first now to fix this broken USB 3.0 port and then i can answer your question.

But i am aware of this : yes fully to daw now i reading your post again

There is no need at all to use a USB 3 connection for what you are doing. Any port will do for starting.

Its written on the package box : usb 3.0/2.0 for pc connection
Yesterday it was working on USB 2.0 feeded from the USB 3.0 port (seems to be now broken)

Now connecting to a udb2.0 port the Ur 22…nothing happens: i got a windows warning (unknow usb device needs more current then port can deliver) ?

Tomorrow i will install some extra new usb3.0 ports…

Note : When using the device with bus power supply, connect it to the USB 3.0 port of the computer. ( in manual)
So when i use usb 2.0 port on my computer how about the power supply ?