UR22-c OSX Bug with fragmented audio

Running a standard logic pro app with output to UR22C on OSX gives small noise cracks randomly.

Running UR22C as output from software Jamulus with fragmented audio packs gives a large distortion every 48 seconds in 48 khz mode. Running the same software with standard audio output gives no error in output sound

Why do you think this is a bug?
This is likely a wrong configuration I guess…
Make sure the UR22C is set to the right wordclock.

But why are there cracks in audio when running from logic pro ?
And why doesn’t it occur when running with other outputs ?

again… I repeat…

the small cracks are a sign that it could be a clocking issue…

Ok. Can you help me get the right configuration then ?

Can you explain what I am doing wrong. I just enabled the UR22-c as default output and run a standard SW like logic pro X. Whne listeniong carefully i get noise spikes every now and then.

Make sure that the clock source is set to internal… (internal means that the software is setting the UR22C to what is needed)
this should be available in the audio settings or in Logic.

Its set to predefined and the value is readonly. I dont use aggregated devices and there is no value to change in logic

Actually I think you are right !

If I run input and output as separate devices they somehow get unsync even if clock source is set to default. No way to change.

If I create a aggregated device I can force them to use same clock and the problems go away.

Sorry I didnt understand this first.