UR22 class 1 mode?

I am investigating different options to get audio to/from a PS4 and it would seem that only USB audio class 1 products are supported. There are some dacs (tested with cambridge audio DacMagic plus) that can switch between class 1 and 2 and class 1 mode does work. Similar I tested with the linux usb gadget functionality also class 1 works, class 2 does not.

So is there anyway to switch the UR22 into class 1 mode? A magic secret button combination on startup or a specific firmware maybe?

thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

By default Macs support both Class 1 and Class 2, meaning you can easily send files up to 24-bit/192kHz to your DAC from your Mac. However Windows doesn’t play as nicely. It isn’t compatible with both, and only supports Class 1 as default. https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/usa/en/blog/our-guide-usb-audio-why-should-i-use-it

Im gonna say no on this but I do hope you find a solution