UR22 common latency

I’ve just bought the UR22 MK2 and want to know the latency other people have.

For 44KHz I need to set the buffers for 512 samples at least and get the input/output latency 16.485/19.456, otherwise I’ve got cracks/pops/cut of the audio. I think that this latency is too high.

I have i7-4710MQ quad core, 32GB ram, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit HP notebook with dual monitor setup.

Is it normal having the high latencies I’ve posted?

edit: This with simple music playback, no input recording or whatsover. Tried in reason with only simple ReDrum and it’s the same. The DSP usage is at minimum. I’ve also tried the power management setup, measure the system with latency monitor (nothing wrong there), has killed the unnecessary tasks, disabled wifi/lan, used other USBs but nothing helped.

Thank You

For this settings: sample rate 44100 buffer size 512 i have 13.4 input latency
14.2 output latency.

thanks for the reply.

When you set the 256 or 128 samples of the buffers, do you have clean sound or do you experience my symptoms? Could you please post your computer configuration?

I just want to find the culprit of the behavior I’m experiencing.

Thank You

Yeah, I think you may need to do some more system tweaking to be able to get your buffer down without audio dropouts.

See if there is anything missed here:


With my UR824’s @ 512 samples I get 16.825 in and 19.819 out. But with my system and it’s setup I can record vocals on a fully mixed 60+track projects with tons of FX @ 128 (7.12 in and 8.118 out) without issues. 96 Samples (5.397 in and 6.395 out) isn’t a problem for tracking audio without many FX going on.

See what those setup steps get ya and report back. If that doesn’t work maybe there is some conflict with graphics driver or something.

Try disabling your ethernet and wireless interfaces. I had weird pops and crackles with the UR44, once I disabled them, the pops disappeared.

Thanks for the replies,
I have followed your link, but I have done all this steps already. But still the same. I’ve also forgot to mention that I’m using dock station for my notebook.

I’ve tried to take the notebook out of the dock to see how it goes. I must say the it behave a little bit better, but still need to have set buffer@512 samples to have a clean sound. But there were less of the cracks and the pops for the lower levels of the buffer. So better, but still not usable.

I’ve tried to profile the system with performance tools (measure interrupts, etc.), but there were no hardware or drivers problems. The most interrupts I’ve got from is the kernel (so it maybe user/kernel mode switching too much?) which could signal some problems.

I’ve also all the network drivers disabled when testing it.

I have Mac Pro 5.1 and to be honest I don’t record any sound
I only listen music and sometimes work with video editing.
And yes I have clear sound.