UR22 compatibility issues with Logic Pro X on MacOS Monterey (likely to be sample rate)

I’m having a few issues with my old(ish) UR22 and my new studio set up: I’m running the latest version of Logic Pro x on an Apple M1 Pro MacBook Pro (previously I was running Cubase LE on an old 2013 MacBook Pro). I’m connecting the UR22 to the thunderbolt connection on the MacBook via Apple’s USB adapter (on the old machine I was directly connected). Some of the issues I see with my new set up:

  1. Latency and clipping when recording audio.
  2. Poor/weak recording levels when recording audio.
  3. Error “Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI. Sample Rate 35,354 recognized. Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device.” when trying to playback projects through the UR22 with multiple tracks (midi and audio) are played. Sometimes the error shows as “42,800”
  • Error #1 seems to be partly resolved by changing the buffer size from 256 to 512 - this removes the clipping but in theory ups the overall latency.
  • I have the older UR22, not the newer mkII.
  • I’ve updated the Yamaha drivers on the UR22 to the latest version.
  • I’ve set the sample rate to 44.100 Hz in both Logic and in the audio midi set up on the MacBook.
  • I’m running MacOS Monterey 12.0.1

I’m guessing this is the newer equipment not talking to the old UR22 properly but wandered if anyone can shed light on this or has a fix?