UR22 Driver BUG O Deus ASIO Link Pro Cannot use!

YSUSB_V11.0.4_win use Deus ASIO Link Pro will show bug:
“The ASIO clock has overflowd, attempting reset of driver”

YSUSB_V199_Win do not have this bug.
I don’t know why. I hope to get a solution

did you ever solve this problem? Or got some help from Steinberg?
I’m having the same exact error continuously causing Asio Link Pro to loop in trying to fix itself.
I’m trying to route Yamaha-Steinberg USB audio channels (even with just 1 mono channel) through Asio Link Pro -->over to Sonar X2 (or any Daw [Trial versions which I believe should be fine] for that matter.)
This is in Windows 7x64.