UR22 driver causes kernel panic on OSX 10.9

I’m on OSX 10.9 and found the UR22 driver causes kernel panic for several times during this week.
Attached is the kernel panic diagnosis log with the driver component highlighted.
UR22 causes kernel panic.png
Also I have noticed that UR22 generates glitches of sound when playing with QuickTime Player and the embedded HTML5 video player in Safari, while the sound is OK when playing with some other players and iTunes. Maybe these apps use different modes when accessing the device.

I have read the announcement that there will be an update to ensure full compatibility of 10.9, I’m just reporting this issue to make sure that similar issues will be tested on the new release.

Thanks and best regards!

I’ve noticed the same playback issues with all audio.
Waiting patiently for the update

Aloha S,

And a major Mahalo for the report. At this stage every lil bit of info helps.
Especially for those of us who have yet to upgrade.



I also got kernel panic (BSOD) with the UR22. I have a macbook pro that I’d already upgraded to OSX 10.9 before I got the UR22.

Do you have a rough timescale for when this will be fixed? (if it’s next week then I’ll just put the soundcard to one side for now, if it’s going to be 2 months then I’ll spend an evening downgrading my mac to OSX 10.8)

Many thanks!

It seems that an update has been released.
Have not tested yet, gonna test it soon.