ur22 inputs and macbook optical outputs

Hi, Thanks for any help in advance… I am kind-of new to this so my question may seem elementary but I just received my ur22 and Cubase AI 6, got the ur22 driver and Cubase installed.

I went to see if I could select the ur22 audio / midi as the input device and use the internal audio output as my output and it appeared that it was going to hide / deselect the ur22 asio driver?

So, is it possible to map my audio outputs through the digital optical output built into the macbook and still have the ur22 as my input device in Cubase 6 AI?

Thanks Again,

Hi Harry,

Cubase (and just about every other audio program) requires you to choose a single audio interface for recording and playback. So it’s not possible to have Cubase record into the UR22 and then play it back to the Mac’s Built-in Audio without having to switch the ASIO device in Cubase.