UR22 inputs are inactive in cubase 5


Though I have just re-install the Steinberg-Yamaha usb driver for the UR22 sound card
Something is not working in cubase:

  1. In Cubase → “Device setup” I can see that UR22 is connected in VST tab. and in the right table I can see the 2 outputs are “activated”, but the 2 inputs are “Inactive” ! :frowning:
  2. I used F4 (cubase shortcut) to open VST window, it is written in the row of Stereo left/right that device is “Not connected” and when I push on the “Not connected” it is showing me 2 options to choose “Not connected” and “UR22 Steinberg”. I’m trying to choose the “UR22 Steinberg” but it won’t let me

so currently I can hear my work in cubase coming out to the UR22 and to the monitor, means the output works well!, But I can’t record any track as the inputs are inactive/not connected

Also, to make sure no hardware issue with the UR22, I opened the simple win10 “recorder” and recorded some guitar through the PL input in the UR22
it worked well!!!

What can I do?
I tried to attach a pic of my screen shot for the devices window…

Many Thanks!